Online Air Tickets. Are they really cheap?

Online air tickets are really cheap. Some time you may get up to 60% discount on your flight ticket than the regular flight ticket. So this ticket will allow you to save lot of money. The money you saved in this air ticket can be spent on your vacation trip.

You can search for the suitable date and suitable prices of the online air ticket. If you are a member in a particular air line you can buy cheap air tickets for your spouse or child to travel alone without yourself accompanying with them.

Your credit card company may allow you to pay the air-ticket fare in a long term basis. You may get traveler insurance from the air line affiliated insurance company at considerable low price. There is no need to sit in the travel agent office and waiting for your turn to contact the person at the office.


On some long distance flights you have to spend a night in a hotel located in the air line's main office city to get the connecting flight. No hotel charge will apply for you.